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Welcome to Myohoji Buddhist Temple

  Welcome to the virtual home of the *Myohoji (妙法寺) Buddhist Temple.  We practice Soto Zen Buddhism in the Soto-shu (school) sect.  We offer the practice of "Zazen" (seated meditation).  We teach that all people can connect with their true original enlightened self through seated meditation without special techniques.  Just simply sitting is enough to return to your true self once delusions are minimized or lessened.

The Dharma Wheel

In Buddhist terminology, Myohoji is rendered as; "Temple of the Wonderful Dharma" or "Temple of the Mystic Law."

"If you want to see things just as they are, then you yourself must practice just as you are."
Eihei Dogen Zenji (1/19/1200CE - 09/22/1253CE)

Zen Garden
Mountain Range
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In the Soto Zen tradition our meditation practice is called Zazen.  Zazen can be loosely translated as “sitting in full absorption with all things.”  We offer newcomers sessions for those who are interested in approaching Zen.  For the more experienced practitioner we offer our weekly Zazen sessions with Sutra chanting and a brief study period in-person and via Zoom.  A study group and longer retreats are also offered.

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For over ten years now Myohoji Temple has been fortunate to have Seisen Horino Sensei visiting our space to teach Japanese Calligraphy..  In Japanese the word for this practice is "Shodo" or "Way of the Brush."  Just as in Zazen,  Shodo is a practice for connecting the breath, body and mind whilst we put brush and ink to paper to write Kanji characters. Horino Sensei comes to us as a very qualified teacher.  Her father was also a Shodo master and was deemed a National Treasure in Japan.   Horino Sensei trained under  him.  Her brother now runs a well known Shodo school in Japan.  Our Shodo class meets for two hours monthly at our temple and students may also  attend an additional class at Horino's private studio.   The tuition is $80 monthly which is $40/class.  The price of paper and supplies are not included.

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Dharma (the teachings of the Buddha and the ancestors) talks and discussions are a central aspect of our practice at Myohoji Temple.  The Dharma is considered one of the three treasures of Buddhism so Dharma study is not to be taken lightly.  Dharma talks are given at most of our gatherings.  The talks are led by our teacher but also include open discussion and questions on the subject matter. Follow up personal discussions may be scheduled with Daiki.

Dharma study, particularly in a group setting , deepens not only our individual relationship to the teachings but also to the Sangha as well. 

At our temple, study is not limited to Zen  material alone.  We strive to study material from a broad range of schools and Buddhist traditions.  

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Our Approach

Soto-Shu Zen Tradition

The Soto Zen tradition of Zen Buddhism emphasizes a form of meditation known as "zazen," which can be translated as "seated meditation" or "simply sitting." This tradition was founded by Dogen Zenji (also known as Dogen Kigen) in the 13th century in Japan. The Soto Shu approach to meditation is characterized by simplicity, mindfulness, and a focus on everyday life as  practice.

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If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to hear from you.


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