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The Lineage of Dharma-Heirs

 In the Soto Zen tradition, a Dharma lineage is a spiritual lineage that traces the transmission of Zen teachings and practices from generation to generation, going all the way back to the founder of the Soto school, Zen Master Dogen Zenji (also known simply as Dogen). The Soto school is one of the major Buddhist sects in Japan.

Katagiri Roshi
Symbol for Myohoji Soto Zen Temple

Dainin Katagiri

Dainin Katagiri was born in Osaka, Japan. He Trained at Eiheiji Monastery for three years under the guidance of Eko Hashimoto, Roshi, and attended Komazawa University. In 1963 he came to the United States, to the Zenshuji Soto Zen Mission in Los Angeles, later moving to Sokoji Soto Zen Mission and San Francisco Zen Center, where he assisted the late Shunryu Suzuki, Roshi. In 1972 he became the first abbot of Minnesota Zen Meditation Center in Minneapolis, where he oversaw the development of the center as well as Hokyoji, a country retreat in southeastern Minnesota. Katagiri Roshi died in 1990.

Shoken Winecoff

Shoken Winecoff Roshi is founding teacher and abbot of Ryumonji Zen Monastery. He is a Dharma Heir of the late Dainin Katagiri Roshi, founder of the Minnesota Zen Meditation Center. Rev. Winecoff practiced with Katagiri Roshi in Minneapolis from 1976 until Katagiri Roshi’s death in 1990. Shoken also received formal training with Ikko Narasaki Roshi and Tsugen Narasaki Roshi at Zuioji Zen Monastery and Shogoji Zen Monastery in Japan for three years from 1989 to 1992. Since that time he has devoted himself to establishing a Soto Zen monastery in the Midwest.

Shoken Winecoff
Symbol for Myohoji Soto Zen Temple

Rev. Daiki Marcus Barlow

Our Teacher

Daiki (Marcus) Barlow

The Midtown Atlanta Zendo is led by Rev.  Daiki Barlow.  Daiki began practicing Soto Zen in 1993 at the Atlanta Soto Zen Center, where he took lay ordination in 2004.  In 2017 he received novice priest ordination from Rev. Daishin McCabe of Zen Fields in Ames, Iowa.  Daiki began study and training under Rev. Shoken Wincecoff  Abbot of Ryumonji Zen Monastery  in 2021.  Daiki was given Dharma Transmission (full ordination and authority to teach independently) in 2023  Daiki's Zen Teacher is  Shoken Wikecoff , Abbott of Ryumonji Zen Monastery in Decorah, IA.  Shoken Roshi was ordained by Dainin Katagiri. Please visit Ryumoni's website at

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