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Dharma Reading Group


Shodo is a revered Japanese artistic practice that revolves around calligraphy, the skillful and deliberate creation of characters using brush and ink. It is not merely a form of writing; instead, Shodo is a visual art form that places significant emphasis on the aesthetics of each stroke and character. Practitioners of Shodo, known as "Shodoka," carefully balance form, rhythm, and expression to convey not only the meaning of the words but also the emotions and artistic intent behind them. Shodo holds a profound cultural and historical significance in Japan and continues to be practiced and appreciated as a beautiful and disciplined art form.

Shakyo & Shabutsu

Shakyo is a traditional Japanese practice of copying Buddhist sutras by hand. It is a meditative and devotional activity where individuals transcribe sacred texts as a means of deepening their spiritual connection to the texts that are copied. The process involves attentive brushwork and concentration, making it a form of mindfulness meditation.

Shabutsu refers to the creation or representation of various Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

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Reading Group

A Zen reading group meeting is a gathering where participants come together to study and discuss Zen Buddhist texts and teachings. It is a contemplative and reflective session where members delve into the profound wisdom found in Zen literature. Discussions revolve around General Buddhism, Contemporary writers and teachers, Zen philosophy, and the writings of Zen masters. The atmosphere is typically serene and focused, fostering a deep exploration of Zen principles and practices to cultivate mindfulness and spiritual insight.


Book Study - 7:00 pm

Book Study & Discussion

Symbol for Myohoji Soto Zen Temple
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